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Feeding – heaters, sterilizers, chairs

To feed a baby, whether with Mother’s milk or substitute nutrition, you will need bottles of various volumes.

As your baby grows, its meals become abundant and so the size of a bottle is adjusting to that. First of all, bottles need to be sterilized before using them and that is why we are offering sterilizers by many manufacturers.

Sterilizers have different dimensions and options so everybody can find the right one that will answer their child’s needs. Feeding chairs enable little people to join their family during lunch or dinner, as well as to enjoy in moments spent together and the attention from their loved ones.

Changing tables

Changing tables are ideal for both babies and grownups. Babies will feel safe and comfortable and their parents will be able to enable clean and dry diaper for the baby and keep their backs safe for the period when the baby goes for a walk and starts to explore the world around.